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The Conference leadership has promised the most economical ticket prices by closely watching costs and seeking supplemental support through sponsors and advertisers. Your ticket purchase supports the conference along with chances to win many prizes!

Grand Prize! Purchase a ticket for a chance to win 50% of the money collected.

Plus, many other prizes to give away!

Raffle Tickets for 50/50 Raffle:

1 ticket $10.00
3 tickets $22.00
6 tickets $35.00 (guaranteed The Circle Blueprint)

Ticket Sales end May 01, 2021 at 1:00 pm EDT

DRAWING DATE: May 01, 2021 at 4:00 pm EDT

Need not be present to win!



The Circle Blueprint: Decoding the Conscious and Unconscious Factors that Determine Your Success by Jack Skeen

The Circle Blueprint is a program you can use at your own pace to strengthen areas of weakness, cultivate new capabilities and discover new possibilities for your life. It starts simply with The Circle Blueprint book which awakens you to examining and cultivating the greatest asset we have…our uniqueness.

We complement the book with a free in-depth Assessment to identify those areas in your life that can be improved as well as offer a series of workbooks to empower you in the areas that need it most.


Divorce is Worse Than Death by Stanley McCluskey

In Divorce is Worse Than Death, Stanley McCluskey shares the story of his parents’ divorce and the devastating effects it had on him, as well as the stories of many others impacted by divorce – and how relief, comfort and even hope can be found despite it all. The book discusses a variety of topics including heartbreak, grief, the loss of one’s home, legal and financial ramifications, children and custody, dealing with family and friends, the outlook of various faiths and finally, moving on. Even though the book focuses on divorce there is helpful information in the book for anyone who has encountered a traumatic event.

The Jealous Son by Michele Chynoweth

The latest bestselling novel by Michele Chynoweth, The Jealous Son is a modern-day murder mystery based on the story of Cain and Abel, portraying what happens when envy goes too far… “a bold, tragic and emotionally exploratory drama” (Kirkus Reviews).

Bring Inner Greatness Out: Personal Brand by Dr. Mansur Hasib

We are born unique and exceptional. Yet too many of us spend a lifetime blending in and staying average. In pursuit of such mediocrity, we diminish our value and suppress the full monetary potential of our uniqueness and its accompanying greatness.

Significance is not determined by the amount of time on stage, but by what you do with the time you get. You do not need to be perfect; you need to perfect your uniqueness. Your #PersonalBrand will provide powerful benefits. This book will help students, working professionals, and organizational executives to understand the new world of digital marketing, branding, and value creation both personally and organizationally at little or no cost. You will gain power and control over your income and destiny and lead a happier life!

Greatness is a choice. Greatness exists in all of us. What we have to do is dare to bring it out. Be at the top of your chosen field by taking control of how others perceive you. Perception is reality. Do better in job interviews, salary negotiations, marketing, creating multiple sources of income, surviving layoffs, getting promotions, discussing yourself, networking, public speaking, podcasting, social media, book and audiobook publishing, and countless other areas to help you achieve success.

Dr. Mansur Hasib helped thousands of students successfully develop compelling personal brands. This book now allows anyone in the world to do the same. Take charge of your journey! Dr. Hasib is a global award-winning education leader, international keynote speaker, and author of multiple books. He brings a unique interdisciplinary perspective to anything he discusses and has been quoted, interviewed, and cited in countless media.

Twitter @mhasib

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/mansurhasib


Developing the Leader Within You by John Maxwell (Donated by Vicky Fields)

Develop the vision, value, influence, and motivation required of successful leaders in this thoroughly revised and updated edition of the book that forever transformed how we think about leadership.

Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself by Dominique B. Brightmon

In Dominique Brightmon’s, Going North: Tips & Techniques to Advance Yourself he shares tangible takeaways for anyone looking to start their own personal development journey. This book is about unlocking the door and stepping into a place of continuous personal growth. Filled with wise words and actionable advice, this book will help you to learn:

  • How to develop and maintain a positive attitude
  • How to become a better thinker
  • Why your time is more precious than money
  • Why you must continue to encourage yourself and others
  • Why the golden rule is still shiny
Stay The Course: The Elite Performer’s 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success by Dominique B. Brightmon

In Stay The Course: The Elite Performer’s 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success, certified leadership trainer Dominique Brightmon shares what’s necessary for having the mindset to overcome any obstacle and create more wins in your life. Filled with quotes, stories, and actionable advice this book will help you to learn:

  • The major key of elite performance that enables the other 7.
  • The habits of successful people that generate a dynamic life.
  • How to increase your effectiveness in your workplace.
  • How to have an excellent day, every day.
  • Why crisis creates the champion that you are meant to be.

“In Stay the Course: The Elite Performers 7 Secret Keys to Sustainable Success, Brightmon provides next-level insights. This is a practical field guide to get you to greatness. Dominique lives his message and practices what he preaches. These tips and strategies are relevant and immediately applicable. Buy this book today and stay the course to your Mountaintop.” – Jeff Davis, author of “Reach Your Mountaintop” and authentic leadership expert

Crappy to Happy: Sacred Stories of Transformational Joy by Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos and Rev. Ariel Patricia (Donated by Dominique B. Brightmon)

Do bad things happen to good people, or could the difficulties we face be gifts in disguise? You decide as thirty courageous authors share their poignant true stories with you. Walk alongside the writers as they weather the storms of gender and sexual identity, crises of faith, divorce, addiction, health challenges, lost love, and more. Find inspiration for your future as you gain a deeper insight into the meaning of life’s challenges. Share in the personal power and profound joy of testimonials by several prominent figures:

  • Self-leadership expert Dom Brightmon’s setback year of discovering his father’s Alzheimer’s
  • Co-author Reverend Ariel Patricia’s past lives that prove she has experienced lasting love
  • Co-author Kathleen O’Keefe Kanavos’ good friend Petronelle, who taught her to “laugh till it heals” to help her overcome life-threatening illness
  • NY Times bestselling author Dr. Bernie Siegel’s mystical nudges by deceased wife, Bobbie

“This work transcends quick fixes and pop psychology to focus on something else: how to live life fully and spiritually in the real world of pain, self-discovery, struggle, and joy. And remarkably, what is displayed in this anthology is an authentic look at how and why joy can win.” – James Redfield, NY Times bestselling author of The Celestine Prophecy

LEAP Book Set by Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter

Books with activities to assist in your leap forward in your life and career.

Book #1- Paperback and Workbook – Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Yourself

Have you noticed that as you maneuver your life, there is quite a bit of knowledge that is not easily accessible? Even if you are “book-smart,” “street-smart,” or an Internet junkie, many of us are still struggling and looking for answers.  What we all wish to be is “access-smart.”

The dictionary defines access as a way to gain entry to or obtain. We need access to tools and information to help us lead ourselves, lead others, and excel in life. Another meaning of access is one created by author Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter. As one who loves acronyms, Dr. Carter presents Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Yourself: 16 Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution & Success for Self. With quotes from motivators including Jack Welch, Michelangelo, Mark Twain, Tony Robbins, and Nelson Mandela, Carter uses a conversational and candid tone while she shares stories of the bumps, bruises, and braveries that have impacted her life. This first book in the LEAP Series, which is focused on leading yourself, provides A.C.C.E.S.S. and practical suggestions.

Book #2- Paperback – Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others

Being a leader is a scary thought. You are responsible for individuals that are not related to you and that you cannot control 100%. This group of people do not; look like you, think like you, talk like you, have the same interests as you, may not even like you, and yet somehow you have to get them to follow you. These same statements hold true for your role when you are being led. There is someone responsible for leading you. You cannot control, speak, or even think like that person. How can we effectively survive to do and be our best every day?

In this second book of the LEAP Series, Dr. Elizabeth A. Carter once again provides you access to information based on situations that have impacted her life. Gaining A.C.C.E.S.S. to Lead Others: 14 Activities Critical to Continuous Evolution & Success for Self, shines a spotlight on the three elements that have helped, hindered, and heightened her journey in leadership; chemistry, confidence, and communication. Including motivational quotes from pioneers such as John Quincy Adams, Oscar Wilde, Plato, and Helen Keller, Dr. Carter expands her use of alliterations and acronyms to entertain and educate her readers. Includes a PDF workbook file.

Ready to LEAP personally and/or professionally?

Website: https://www.eac-aappeal.com

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – eacaappeal

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First Timer Raffle

Toastmasters District 18 Spring Conference First Timer’s Raffle

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