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You Made The Big 5 List

  YOU MADE THE BIG 5! Today we celebrate YOU for taking the membership challenge of meeting the goal of adding 5 or more new memberships by September 15, 2020. KUDOS to everyone. GREAT…GREAT…GREAT JOB!   Division A/11 DESEAA TM Club… +5  Division B/23 MSU TM Club… +8  Division C/35 Toast of Severna Park TM Club… […]


Friendship is found in the strangest of places with the strangest of people at the strangest of times. One of the places to find new friends, build new relationships and grow exponentially is in Toastmasters. Toastmasters is a friendly and supportive place where friendships are naturally formed. Friendship is considered to be a platonic relationship […]


CLUB FITNESS Club fitness is all about creating a safe space so we can have a ‘MEETING OF THE MINDS’. In the fitness gym our minds will be challenged with specific workouts each month. Each workout routine is designed to tone, strengthen and take YOU through endurance training.   Much like a physical gym that challenges […]

Toastmasters Shining Stars

TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR, HOW I WONDER WHERE YOU ARE! There are stars throughout the galaxy of Toastmasters, and District 18 holds some pretty Special Stars that shined brightly in the month of September. KUDOS to all Toastmasters Clubs who earned stars in September! Division C – Asbury Town Neck Area TM Club – 3 […]


    There are monsters in our midst that have been plaguing Toastmasters for years. Recently these monsters have become more daring in their attacks on District 18 and Toastmasters clubs in general. We are facing the wrath of Charecular and Monecular, the arch-nemeses of all Toastmasters clubs and members. This year they have teamed […]


Each Division is a Gem within themselves! Everyone has a favorite gemstone, mine is EMERALD. Unfortunately my clubs is not in division E…Emerald division, they are in division C…Ruby division, so my new favorite toastmasters gemstone is RUBY. Toastmasters let’s have a friendly competition and see which GEM will be rated top gem of district […]


Congratulations   Welcome Aboard MAA Aviators Toastmasters Club #07749020 District 18, Division C, Area 33 This club is off to a fantastic start! MAA Aviators is the FIRST club to charter in in District 18 for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year! **Chartered – 7/24/20     **4 officers trained at Summer TLI! Way to go MMA Aviators!