Brag Board

From the desk of your District Public Relations Manager:

This is where we brag about members, pictures, names, and titles and their interesting information, journey and activities. Whether we restricting it to story told in pictures or 300 words that tell a story, my vision is that it gives our clubs, members and district a chance to say something, show off a unique personality, or brag about a passion someone has. It helps to humanize our district and it’s personality.

Submissions can come from clubs – this is not only for district leaders.

I know that you have something to share with others. District Public Relations is inviting you to send in your content submission forms. Share your communication and leadership thoughts, goals and viewpoints.

Ready. Set. Grow.

Let’s brag! Do stay connected with me—and expect a whole lot more!

Sherry Kuiper
District 18 Public Relations Manager 2019-2020
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