District Director

Cristol Johnson

I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions because of a few reasons.  I usually give up by January 15th or I forget what it was that I wanted to resolve.  I typically resolve to stop eating so many cookies, which is a lost cause.  I have gotten better at setting goals however – small, attainable ones.  This year, I have a goal to finish Pathways Level 5 in Engaging Humor by June 30th.  I completed the Humorously Speaking manual a few years ago and got a few giggles at most.  I think the audience was more so laughing at me than at my jokes.  This time around I am learning to really communicate with the audience based on the guidelines that Pathways suggests. Pathways also teaches that coping skills are an essential part of speech delivery and real time techniques are given for practice.  My last few speeches were about a baseball bat, making cookie dough and behaving like a Grinch (I wasn’t a Grinch because of my past resolutions, and no one or thing was harmed during the making of my speeches- I just wanted a bat).  Now, if I can only get the speeches to be as funny as some of the events I am describing, I will be on a roll.

I am looking forward to what the next few projects bring, and hope to claim a few more laughs along the way.  I am currently on Level three for anyone who is up to challenge me to finish by June 30th.