Club Growth Director

Cynthia Williams

As a District Leader
  • Talk w/ and assist as many District Leaders  as possible to identify and prep their successors
    • Things to say & do w/ others who may be interested
    • Share Tips & Tools on how to pass the baton properly
As a Club Officer 
  • Partner w/ two (2) club members who show great potential and have them shadow me in my Club Treasurer officer role
  • Start the process w/ the Club’s bank personnel, preparing them for our club changing of the guard coming up in May of 2020
  • Revisit the Club Success Plan to ensure all Treasurer’s tasks and goals are met, achieved, and exceeded
As a Club Member
  • LEVEL UP – Complete 2 Pathways Levels in my path in the month of January 2020
  • LEVEL UP – Complete my entire Path by 30 June 2020.