Here are a few (of the many) reasons why growing your membership is the right thing to do:

  • More people can fill meeting and officer roles
  • No one member is overburdened with responsibilities
  • Meetings are more enjoyable because more people are involved
  • It’s easier for a club to help members meet their educational needs

You’ve got options!

  • A very successful method that every club should use is the Open House.
  • Speechcraft is another great method for introducing potential members to the benefits of Toastmasters.
  • Grow your membership through your current members – invite friends, co-workers and neighbors as guests!
  • To help inform potential members about Toastmasters, we have marketing materials that you can give out for free!
  • You also have your Area Director for help and guidance!

Need ideas to grow your club membership?

Looking for ideas on how to grow membership? We can help!

Need to revitalize your club’s membership?

Even though Toastmasters International is a 90+-year-old brand, we know that there are still great growth opportunities for Toastmasters.

We also know that sometimes membership in clubs ebbs and flows.

Reach out for help if your club is struggling to get (or keep) a minimum of 20 members.

Why 20 members?

That’s the minimum number to make sure members don’t get “burned out” and get the variety of feedback and experience they need to reach their Toastmasters goals.

You also need to revitalize your club if you have more than 20 members, but only a few members actually attend meetings on a regular basis.

How we can help

If your club has 12 or fewer members, it qualifies to have a Club Coach appointed.

  • A Club Coach is (initially) NOT a member of your club – the Coach attends meetings and offers advice from an outside perspective.
  • The Club Coach doesn’t direct the club, the Club Coach coaches the club to help members regain Charter strength of 20 members.
  • Click here for more information about the Club Coach program.

If you qualify for a club coach, reach out to your Club Growth Director here.

Your District 18 leadership is here to help you!