Greetings District 18 Toastmasters Members!

Please allow District Leadership to introduce you to the members of the PRM Team, as well as, tell you about some of the initiatives we will be working on this year.

PRM Team

Website Team

Beatrice Vilme’, Webmaster
Craig Delfosse, Assistant Webmaster

Public Relations Manager

Emilee Romano

District Administration Manager

Isabel Kadoorie

Social Media Team – Open

Please email me your name if interested.

Vlog/Blog Coordinator – Open

Please email me your name if interested.

Newsletter Coordinator

Karen Pardue, Managing Editor

Public relations is the strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their public under the direction of the District Director. While the fundamentals of communications haven’t changed, the landscape in which we’re building and implementing them is ever-changing: more channels, more data, and more complex member journeys (like the new Pathways!). And that means we will continuously assess, analyze and adjust our publicity plan.

The District Public Relations Manager [DPRM] promotes positive awareness by establishing and maintaining lines of communication between the district and its members. Additionally, increasing public awareness of Toastmasters through effective publicity including managing district social media channels. Responsibility for proactive local news media, developing press relations, pitches and interviews is also part of promoting the district’s communication and leadership development message for inclusion in favorable brand coverage – in consultation with the district director, serve as media representative for the district.

As guardian of the district’s image and reputation, the DPRMs focus is also to:

  1. Promote district conferences, leadership training opportunities within the district and district events.
  2. Prepare a public relations program designed to achieve public and media relations goals.
  3. Train club Vice Presidents of Public Relations.
  4. Produce creative videos and multimedia to develop informative publicity.

The PRM Team is here to serve you and assist you in broadcasting the good news and wonderful accomplishments of your clubs and members. With that in mind, the Website Team is keyed up and ready to Celebrate you on the landing page of the district’s Website. That is our space to celebrate you. This initiative, Club Success Story / Member Highlights will be featured on the district website and newsletter. Club Officers look for an email highlighting the details of this campaign in the near future. This will be a team effort, as we will be looking for you to aggressively get involved by submitting your Success Stories and Highlights.

Vice Presidents of Public Relations get ready… The PRM Team is planning a Public Relations Challenge for you where you will be in line to receive a Toastmasters International Gift (TBA) for your efforts!

And Vice Presidents of Public Relations Training. Details are on the horizon.

Continue to keep a look out for the District 18 Newsletters, they’re chock full of information and news you can use! Also join in on the conversation on our Facebook Group Page, follow our Twitter feed and subscribe to the D18 YouTube Channel.

And if you want to write an article, submit Club news or photos or volunteer to be on the PR committee, please email! Looking forward to connecting with you!