Ben Crist – Club Growth Director

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Fellow Toastmasters,

Welcome to the District 18 Club Growth Corner, where ‘Leading is Fun Together’

In the District 18 Club Growth Corner you will find Tips & Tools that will assist you in developing and accomplishing your goals.

TEAM LIFT: Together Everyone Achieves More and Leading is Fun Together.  This tagline is more than a statement, it’s a philosophy.

This Toastmasters’ year will provide each and every one of us multiple opportunities to grow and achieve our goals as they pertain to personal Leadership and Communication development.  All areas of Toastmasters, from the Clubs, to the Areas, to the Divisions, as well as the District, hold opportunities for growth for each of us.

The Club Growth Director’s mission is to…

  • Strengthen existing clubs
  • Provide targeted resources to underperforming clubs and
  • Build and support new clubs.

However, I cannot do this alone. My plan is to provide a platform that allows you, members and District 18 Leaders, to reach your own personal goals while growing others.

Although the above mission statement will be my focus for this year (one of many), I have a particular endeavor that I want to concentrate on, mentorship.  The mentorship program is a proven way to keep strong clubs strong and to elevate struggling clubs to ensure their future existence.  Mainly because successful members, new or tenured, feel supported and recognized when they have a mentor.  Personal story: I joined Toastmasters in 2014 and I can say that, without a doubt, I would not still be a Toastmaster if I did not have a mentor to help me with my Toastmasters journey.  Their encouragement and support has allowed me to grow and perform “outside my comfort zone”.  Isn’t that what a mentor does?  Does your club have a consistent mentor program?  If you answered “no”, I will help you create one.

As the Club Growth Director, I am aware that in order to “grow” the District, we need all current clubs to continue to exist.  Mentoring is the key to making that happen.  Even if we are adding new clubs to the District, we’re only filling the gap if we’re also losing clubs……. and that’s counter-productive.

Here are some resources to help you: