Club Growth Director

Hello Fellow Toastmasters,

Welcome to District 18 friendly “Club Fitness” Center!

You are invited to come in, peruse and ask questions anytime. The district is challenging each member to sign up and join District 18 Club Fitness Center’s Exclusive Exercise Workout Program, and take the challenge of Your lifetime.

This challenge will take committed minded Toastmasters who is truly ready to go to the next level, show what Toastmasters is all about, and help make a difference in your Clubs, Area, Division and District as a whole.

Toastmasters, are you ready to begin a FUN and Vigorous Workout to not only help yourself, but help others and your district reach new heights that has never been reached before…Get Fit, Stay Fit and Level-Up (Leaders Emerge Victorious Especially Learning Under Pressure) beyond what you did last year!

This Toastmasters’ year will provide each and every one of us with multiple opportunities to continue to work our minds, grow exponentially, achieve set goals and move beyond to an even higher goal…One  of which you might have thought was beyond your capability.

In District 18 Fitness Center you will find Tips & Tools that will help you to develop and accomplish your goals.

All District Toastmasters are invited to join this exclusive exercise workout program specifically geared to get you fit in the area you want to work on.

We ALL will have Trainers such as Club Coaches, Club Sponsors and Club Mentors to help each of us master our specific workout routines, and get us in shape, stay in shape and advance upward to the ultimate workout of all…LEVELING UP.

The entire D-18 membership is charged with the challenge of working on a fitness plan in the Club Fitness  Center all year long,  to help Strengthen our existing clubs, Retain our striving clubs, and Grow new clubs.

  • We need each other to accomplish this plan! In reaching your personal goals, you will also help the district to reach its goals. The District 18 Club Fitness Center is equipped to prepare you to achieve personal goals and gain professional development.
  • The Club Fitness Workout Program is a proven way to keep existing clubs strong and fit,  elevate striving clubs to ensure their future existence and build new clubs to expand the district.

As the Club Growth Director, I am aware that in order to “grow” the District, we need all active clubs to continue to thrive as we on-board new clubs.  We cannot achieved the ultimate goal of LEVELING UP without the help of you – the members, Club Coaches, Sponsors and Mentors.

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