Club Member Mentoring Program
Starting and/or maintaining a mentoring program for new club members in your club is an easy and simple program to adopt. The effort that is involved provides a better sense of accomplishment and growth for the mentor and a greater understanding of Toastmasters as well as a better knowledge base of resources for the member being mentored. This, in turn, ensures the new member continues their membership and engagement with the club. Let’s get started:

Starting a mentoring program in your club:
►Create a list of tenured members who would be willing to mentor a new member

  • Takes a personal interest in and helps an inexperienced member (mentee)
  • Serves as a role model, coach, and confidante
  • Offers knowledge, insight, perspective, and wisdom useful to the mentee
  • Helps someone become successful and learns new skills themselves

►Once a new member joins the club, the Vice President of Education assigns a mentor using the list of mentors. (both parties should agree on the assignment) Then:

  • Mentor and new member exchange contact information
  • Mentor and new member schedule time outside of the club meeting to talk/meet
  • Mentor sits with the new member during club meetings
  • Mentor discusses the meeting structure and the different roles involved
  • Mentor assists the new member with logging in to, PathwaysBasecamp, and FreeToastHost (if applicable)
  • Mentor assists the new member in choosing a Pathways path (include the VPE)
  • Mentor available for new member questions about Pathways and assists with Level 1
  • Mentor to fill meeting roles while being assisted by the new member in the beginning (Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian, etc)
  • Mentor encourages the new member in filling future meeting roles
  • Mentor explains the organization hierarchy to the new member: club, Area, Division, District, etc and Toastmaster members who currently hold District roles (use the District website as a reference – )
  • Mentor discusses events outside of the club environment: Speech Contests, Leadership Training, Spring Conference, etc
  • Mentor explains the Distinguished Club Program

►Best practices to recognize new members and their mentors

  • Club conducts a formal New Member Induction Ceremony (at least once every 6 months)
  • Club recognizes a mentor by holding a Recognition Ceremony and presents the mentor with a Certificate of Recognition and/or Mentor Pin (item #1163P in the Toastmasters Shop).

New Club Member Mentoring Resources:
A Toastmaster Wears Many Hats – explains the meeting roles.
●Club Mentor Certificate of Recognition – (email me for a copy of the certificate)
●New Member Induction Ceremony script – includes Ceremony outline, NewMember, Mentor and Club Member script – (email me for a copy of the Induction Script and subsequent material)

The above information is not all-inclusive and clubs can adapt this program to best fit each individual club. However, mentoring a new member provides a variety of positive experiences for the new member, the mentor, and the club. Member retention, leadership growth, and engagement are just a few examples that are a direct result of an active club mentor program. If you need additional support to initiate this program with your club, please reach out to me and I will be happy to assist.

Benjamin Crist, Club Growth Director 2019-2020