• Why all 11 paths?

I was curious to know what Toastmasters could offer and I wanted to learn about them.  I wanted to try all the Paths and go for the ones I liked in the second round.  Definitely, some of the paths like Dynamic Leadership and Engaging Humor will be there in my second list.  I would also try the projects that I have not tried to date.

  • Which path did you begin with and which did you end with?

I started with Dynamic Leadership which was picked by Pathways when I asked the system to suggest the paths.  I ended with the Motivational Strategies Path.



  • Which path gave you the biggest Aha moment?

I liked the Engaging Humor Path very much.  I have learned a lot.  I tried to create a blog, otherwise, I would not have created one.  I learned about emotional intelligence.  I have learned lots of new things in this journey among these paths.  I also enjoyed the “Managing a Difficult Audience” project.

  • What would you say to others who may be interested in completing all paths?

If I can do it, you can do it.

  • What special talents or discoveries did you find on this journey?

I know I can create a podcast, blog, and I can understand others better.

  • How long did it take you to complete all 11 paths?

It took nearly 2 years. I started on Jan 1, 2018 (maybe the last week of December 2017) and finished it by 30 November 2019.  It took 1 Year 11 months to complete 11 Paths and the Pathways Mentor Program (a separate program in Pathways).

  • Do you work a full-time job?

I do work a full-time job. I actually work at least 50 to 60 hours per week.  I am advocating online Toastmaster clubs for Toastmaster International and I am a member of three online clubs.

  • How did you find the time to complete 11 paths?

I breathe Toastmasters other than my full-time job.  My wife says that my first wife is Toastmaster and she is my second wife.