In the July/August timeframe, the District hosts club officer training. Whether you are a brand new Club Officer, a tenured Club Officer, or not a Club Officer, there are several reasons for you to attend a Club Officer Training session.

  • It is a great way to meet and network with other Toastmasters.
  • You gain confidence in your role and being part of a leadership team.
  • You gain new ideas, and offer your ideas to others.

If you are a brand new officer/ new Toastmaster…

  • You become part of group of peers, which is now your support group.
  • Just like starting a new job where you are trained, we similarly provide you the tools and resources to be successful.

If you are a prior officer and holding the same or a different position…

  • If you are repeating a Club Officer role, volunteer to lead a general session or a breakout session. You would be sharing your expertise with others.
  • Go and support a newer officer. Introduce them to people you know, and help them expand their network. In addition, after the training, if the new officer has other questions, you can answer them.
  • You meet more people who can be future resources for questions, joint club meetings, or future leaders If you are not a Club Officer, you can attend the training for these reasons…
  • If you considering a Club Officer role in the future, you can understand the responsibilities in advance. You can even volunteer to be the Assistant to the role.
  • Are you a leader in another organization? Take the information from the Toastmasters roles and incorporate the responsibilities into your role. There may be best practices that could benefit your other organization.

The added benefit to what is described above is that if 4 officers attend the training that completes half of the requirement for goal #9 in the Distinguished Club Program (DCP). The DCP is the measurement that recognizes that clubs are providing a positive and supportive environment that leads to member success.

Visit our website at www.toastmasters-D18.org to find the training location nearest to you.