Club fitness is all about creating a safe space so we can have a ‘MEETING OF THE MINDS’. In the fitness gym our minds will be challenged with specific workouts each month. Each workout routine is designed to tone, strengthen and take YOU through endurance training.  

Much like a physical gym that challenges the physical body, the Club Fitness mental gym is here to challenge your mind to keep pushing forward and leveling up, so to accomplish your goals personally and collectively. The monthly workout plans are geared to help you sustain and retain while setting, reaching and exceeding your personal and club goals. 

Trainers are available

Reach out to our trainers…Club Coach, Sponsor, Mentor, Division Directors, Area Directors and the Club Fitness Team.

All trainers, stand ready, willing and able to provide guidance and a pliable regimen to a MORE LEANER, a MORE DURABLE and a MORE AGILE…YOU!  Start NOW and take advantage of the trainers availability, knowledge, and skills to help YOU apply the best workout routine to maximize your growth! 

You don’t have to do it alone! Let’s workout together and have some FUN while achieving GOALS! 

Access the Fitness Gym Here 24/7 by way of the Club Fitness Center!