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Club Fitness Starboard Grand Prize Winner


The Big Win!

Happy New Year Toastmasters! What a way to start 2021!

Congratulations to Asbury Town Neck Area Toastmasters Club in Division C, Area 35 for being the big winner of the grand prize.

They had the most “Stars” added to the Club Fitness Starboard” from July-December 2020. Job well done Toastmasters!

Each month Asbury Town Neck Area TM Club participated in the club fitness monthly workout program and together they worked as a TEAM to meet the challenges and accomplish their goals.

There is still time for everyone to come aboard and join in the club fitness workout plan and have fun while you get fit and meet your goals.

Check out the January workout plan on the Club Growth Director (CGD) web page under club fitness workout plan @



Toastmasters, here is a nice early holiday gift from our Toastmasters International President Richard Peck, DTM.

Time to choose a free path, claim your today and continue on your Toastmasters journey towards being a DTM.

Members who has not renewed your membership as yet, it’s not too late to get in on the action.

Renew your membership TODAY and claim your free path.

You have come too far to give up now, don’t give up on yourself.

Think back as to Why you joined Toastmasters, that one thing you wanted to improve or achieve and ask yourself…Did you achieve it…Did you make that improvement?

if the answer is NO, then come back to Toastmasters and finished what you started. Renew your membership and achieve your goals!


You Made The Big 5 List



Today we celebrate YOU for taking the membership challenge of meeting the goal of adding 5 or more new memberships by September 15, 2020.



Division A/11

DESEAA TM Club… +5

 Division B/23

MSU TM Club… +8

 Division C/35

Toast of Severna Park TM Club… +5

Division D/43

Frederick TM Club… +7

Division E/53

Baltimore Leidos TM Club… +7

Asbury Town Neck Area TM Club…+5


Special Shout-out to Division G with two areas meeting the challenge!

Division G/71

Delmarva TM Club… +5

 Division G/72

High Voltage Speakers TM Club… +5


All clubs have earned $50 TI Gift Certificate for their clubs

(TI Gift Certificates will be mailed to clubs’ address on file when certificates become available)



Friendship is found in the strangest of places with the strangest of people at the strangest of times. One of the places to find new friends, build new relationships and grow exponentially is in Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is a friendly and supportive place where friendships are naturally formed. Friendship is considered to be a platonic relationship between two people who care about each other.

As you cultivate the relationship…spend time with each other, communicate with each other, share your thoughts, interests and experiences with each other, a bond will undeniably develop.

Through your connections the friendship will grow, deepen and become stronger. You will experience a level of comfort and a sense of belongingness with each other as trust begins to develop.

In addition to trust, the amount of time you invest in each other, the commitment, respect, and support, all contributes to the making of a quality friendship.

For me “True” friendship  is all about valuing a person. The value will always be seen in the “time factor” that the more you value that person, the more time you want to spend with them and visa-versa, the less you value that person is the less time you want to spend with them. Continue to build on the friendships you have formed and is forming, the memories you will share will last a lifetime and you can have those memories to pass on to future up and coming Toastmasters.

Toastmasters is the place to build lifelong friendships, so reach out and connect with all Toastmasters near and far. Never shy away from forming friendships in life…you never know where life will take you or who you will end up with as a true friend.





Club fitness is all about creating a safe space so we can have a ‘MEETING OF THE MINDS’. In the fitness gym our minds will be challenged with specific workouts each month. Each workout routine is designed to tone, strengthen and take YOU through endurance training.  

Much like a physical gym that challenges the physical body, the Club Fitness mental gym is here to challenge your mind to keep pushing forward and leveling up, so to accomplish your goals personally and collectively. The monthly workout plans are geared to help you sustain and retain while setting, reaching and exceeding your personal and club goals. 

Trainers are available

Reach out to our trainers…Club Coach, Sponsor, Mentor, Division Directors, Area Directors and the Club Fitness Team.

All trainers, stand ready, willing and able to provide guidance and a pliable regimen to a MORE LEANER, a MORE DURABLE and a MORE AGILE…YOU!  Start NOW and take advantage of the trainers availability, knowledge, and skills to help YOU apply the best workout routine to maximize your growth! 

You don’t have to do it alone! Let’s workout together and have some FUN while achieving GOALS! 

Access the Fitness Gym Here 24/7 by way of the Club Fitness Center!

Toastmasters Shining Stars


There are stars throughout the galaxy of Toastmasters, and District 18 holds some pretty Special Stars that shined brightly in the month of September.

KUDOS to all Toastmasters Clubs who earned stars in September!

Division C – Asbury Town Neck Area TM Club – 3 Stars!

Division C – Crofton Professional TM Club – 2 Stars!

Division D – Naviators TM Club – 2 Stars!

There are many Shining Stars out in the Toastmasters Galaxy, so let your light to shine Bright and be recognized. Send an email to [email protected] identifying your club’s accomplished workout.

The Stars will once again align in October, allow your Stars to Shine!


Click HERE to view the monthly Workout Plan and Star Recognition Board.




There are monsters in our midst that have been plaguing Toastmasters for years. Recently these monsters have become more daring in their attacks on District 18 and Toastmasters clubs in general.

We are facing the wrath of Charecular and Monecular, the arch-nemeses of all Toastmasters clubs and members. This year they have teamed up with another dreaded beast, Covid, the Silencer.

Their mission remains the same… To conquer and totally destroy all toastmasters clubs. These vicious monsters preys on devouring clubs and their members. They have an insatiable appetite, even more so in the months of September and March.

Toastmasters have been facing and fighting these creatures for years and are now facing the battle of a lifetime for the survival of their clubs. Some clubs are more vulnerable than others,  and need more reinforcements to help fight off the attacks of these dreaded creatures.


We have the power to defeat any beast, creatures or monsters that dare to raise their ugly heads against us.

TOASTMASTERS will NOT surrender without a Toastmasters fight, for we are confident, strategic thinkers and nemesis slayers. All Toastmasters CLUBS and MEMBERS stands ready willing and able to strike, fight and annihilate any creatures that come up against us.


We stand united, bombarding Club Central paying our Dues Renewals at once! (by September 30)

We pledge to Charter new clubs in our various Divisions & Areas

We will hold “Quality Meetings” in every clubs

These continuous Acts will defeat our club nemesis for years to come and our Toastmasters Clubs will Soar!





Each Division is a Gem within themselves! Everyone has a favorite gemstone, mine is EMERALD. Unfortunately my clubs is not in division E…Emerald division, they are in division C…Ruby division, so my new favorite toastmasters gemstone is RUBY.

Toastmasters let’s have a friendly competition and see which GEM will be rated top gem of district 18 and get rewarded in the process.

Clubs within any given  division that Add 4 members per club with NO net loss by October 1, 2020 

Clubs, do the same for April 1, 2021 and win an additional $50 TI gift certificate to use at the TI store.

The Division that has the most members added, the Division Director will get a Division Director lapel pin.

Who’s up for this challenge?




Welcome Aboard

MAA Aviators Toastmasters
Club #07749020

District 18, Division C, Area 33

This club is off to a fantastic start!

MAA Aviators is the FIRST club to charter in in District 18 for the 2020-2021 Toastmasters year!

**Chartered – 7/24/20     **4 officers trained at Summer TLI!

Way to go MMA Aviators!